This is Pi Day #23 | October 7, 2017 | read 56 times
Comic: Dad Hair Day
With the Mom-bo out of town on business all week, I spent the better part of five days doing the dad dance solo.
And while I usually ain't no
dance (or lack of)
The only dance I knew in junior high school.
, I did sit out the part with the dance lessons: and by sit out, I mean sit out in the waiting area for about four hours over two evenings while The Girl took hers.
This would normally give me plenty of time to polka out some new dance puns on my laptop, maybe even cha-cha-ching some new ideas for the comic, but alas, all I could fill my dance card with was a few new strip ideas.
On a Side Note
If you're reading the comic on THIS site, you maybe interested to know that there is a lot more going on here than just comics.
For example, many strips have games (up in the top right corner).
Or, like this one, I'm trying out a new survey thing for --well-- Canadians (like me).
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