This is Pi Day #26 | October 28, 2017 | read 107 times
Comic: Halloween (Part 1)
While there are many holidays to celebrate via a comic strip, I thought I would keep it simple and stick with the important ones.
But to a kid.
So, ranking that list puts the trick-or-treat event high on my list.
I would make a skeleton joke here, but you wouldn't find it very humerus.
About two months ago The Girl and I had a conversation about Halloween costumes.
She knew what SHE was going as, but on a more serious note what would her ALTER EGO cartoon character dress up as.
We mussed around with a few ideas -- a pirate, a bear, a pair of monkeys (for her and The Dad) -- but where we eventually wound up was -- well, what you see here: I dressed them as Calvin and Hobbes, as best as I could to spoof/homage/honour that great strip.
On a side note, my weekly comic has hit it's 26th strip this week, which if you are in any way mathematically inclined would tell you that 26 is half of 52 -- weeks in a year.
So today is This is Pi Day's half birthday -- I guess.
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This is Pi Day #24 | October 14, 2017 | read 220 times
Comic: Bad Hair Day Joke
I’ve been aiming for a kind of universality in my comics.
Y’know… parenting moments that are relate-able.
Quirks you can empathize with or see yourself projected into.
Did you get a hair cut?
I got them ALL cut.
This week is a little less so perhaps, and is brought to you exclusively from the mind of The Girl, who upon “outsmarting” her Dad in real life, thwarting his tried-and-true dad joke material said (in what could be the fifth frame of this comic) “you should draw a comic about this”.
So I did.
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This is Pi Day #23.b | October 11, 2017 | read 200 times
This is Dance Practice (Part 2)
I appreciate the effort, I really do.
Dance is art.
Dance is fitness.
Dance is moving around a room in a way that my 40-year-old body no longer considers feasible.
Yet I struggle to find an honest balance between (a) showing blind support for everything The Girl does and (b) handing her a healthy dose of parental distance to assist her in finding the intrinsic value of doing a thing for its own sake.
No, really.
That's a thing, I'm sure of it.
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